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Several new ultra-thin  wide band current transformers have been released by Pearson Electronics with a thickness that is around 1/2 the size of standard / in stock current transformers designed by Pearson.  These new ultra thin broadband current transformers allow a more compact installation resulting in lower circuit inductance. Apertures range in size from 0.25 inches to 2.0 inches and the models have the same footprint as our in stock current monitors, except for thickness.  Designs include BNC and SMA connectors depending upon the model.

These designs incorporate Pearson’s wide-band frequency response and 1% accuracy, or better, across the mid-band. The model 8500 has a 2.0 inch aperture, a 0.1 V/A transfer impedance with a 3 dB bandwidth from 10Hz to 20MHz. The maximum rms current rating is 75 Amperes.  Peak currents up to 5,000 Amperes and rise times as short as 20 nanoseconds can be viewed faithfully.  Contact a Pearson Electronics representative for a complete listing of the ultra thin current transformers.

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