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A new line of Wide-Band Clamp-on Current Monitors from Pearson Electronics feature a ½ inch or 1 inch aperture and are hinged for easy operation. The new design incorporates Pearson’s wide band frequency response in a demountable configuration for use on fixed conductors.

The model 411C, typical of the group, has a sensitivity of 0.1 V/A, a 3dB bandwidth from 15 Hz to 20 MHz, and a 50 Ampere rms current rating. Accuracy of 1%, or less, is obtainable across the mid-band.  Pulse currents up to 5,000 Amperes and rise times down to 20 nanoseconds can be viewed faithfully.  Other new hinged clamp-on designs feature a range of transfer impedance from 0.01 V/A to 1.0 V/A. Electrical specifications range from rise times as short as 2.0 nanoseconds, or droop as low as 0.003% per microsecond.  All of the new hinged clamp-ons are featured in our Clamp-on Current Monitor section along with existing custom and stock designs.