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Wide-Band Current Transformers

Since 1955, Pearson Electronics has been manufacturing current transformer

products.  Our website is designed to simplify the selection of the right current

probe to fit your application.  Our current sensors feature pulse-current monitoring

down to less than 1ns, making these high frequency current transformers ideal

for a world of applications. Please contact us for application and sales support.


New Powerline Ripple Detector ideal for MIL-STD-461 CS101 Tests
Pearson Electronics is pleased to introduce the new Powerline Ripple Detector,. . .
Fast Clamp-On CTs
Pearson Electronics is pleased to introduce two new Wide-Band Hinged Clamp-on. . .
New Thin Current Transformers
Pearson Electronics has recently designed several new current transformers with a. . .
Model 7655
New line of Wide-Band Clamp-on Current Monitors features a 4 inch or 6 inch. . .
Ultra Thin Current Transformer
Several new ultra-thin  wide band current transformers have been released by. . .
Coaxial Current Monitor
  Pearson Electronics introduces a new wide band current monitor. . .

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How did you hear about us?

Particle Accelerator
The Particle Accelerator community uses Pearson Current Monitors for a variety of applications in the area of high . . .
Medical Applications
The medical equipment industry uses Pearson Current Transformers in several applications. These include medical. . .
Power Industry
The Power Industry uses Pearson Current Transformers to measure transients in switching gear and the observation of. . .
EMC Industry
Pearson Clamp-on Current Probes are used to make accurate AC current measurements to meet many of the EMI standards. . .
Plasma Research
Pearson Current Probes are used by the Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment Industry to make measurements at. . .
Capacitive Discharge
Pearson Current Monitors are used to view faithful waveforms and make accurate current measurements from a capacitive. . .
Surge Current Testing
Wide Band Current Probes measure surge and in-rush currents for EMC and other industries. A typical requirement. . .
Lightning Discharge
Broad Band Current Transformers | Monitors are used to characterize lightning strikes at the Kennedy Space Center and leading. . .
Beam Instrumentation
Custom Wide Band Current Monitors are use beam tube applications with our large aperture clamp-on Current Monitors. . .