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  • Attenuators:  Pearson Attenuators may be used with almost all Pearson Current Transformers, except those that do not have 50 ohm output impedance. The most popular attenuator, the model A10, has a voltage ratio of 1:10 and will reduce a CTs output voltage by a factor of 10.  All of the maximum ratings of the CT are preserved. The input and output on the Attenuator are symmetrical and are matched to 50 ohms.  BNC connectors are used.
  • Connector Adaptors: We maintain a small supply of adaptors for connection to BNC cables.  A list of adaptors is below:   
       - SMA to BNC adaptor for models: 2877, 2878, 2879  
       - UHF to BNC adaptor for models: 3025, 310, 325, 3100, 1010, 301X, 1330, 1423, 2093
       - N to BNC adaptor for models: 110A, 1080
  • Replacement banana plugs:  Available for our split clamp-on models.